Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls is an upscale cinnamon roll bakery focusing on providing fresh hot cinnamon rolls that are handcrafted on location with all natural ingredients without the use of preservatives.   All cinnamon rolls purchased are baked fresh daily and are awesome when served with our classic cream cheese frosting!  Also available are special flavored frostings as well.  Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls sell espresso, local roasted coffee and teas.  Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls fills the demand of nearby Cal Poly students to satisfy their craving for something delicious to eat in the morning, during study time or while on break.  In addition to students, local businesses and SLO residents also enjoy the only cinnamon roll shop in town for meetings, gatherings, and gifts!  Our newest creations are Emily's MINI cinnamon rolls . . . . the perfect crowd pleaser for business conferences and staff meetings.

Who is Emily? 

A local resident in San Luis Obispo!  The doors opened in 2012 when Emily was a 10 year old entrepreneur and created Emily's Cinnamon Rolls.  After establishing the business she decided to sell it 3-1/2 years later so she and her parents could have the freedom to continue traveling and volunteering time helping in a world-wide educational program now taking place. (JW.ORG) Since September 2015 Christian is now the proud Manager of Emily's Cinnamon Rolls and is excited to continue where Emily left off.  Sweet!